TPS - Trancranial Pulse Stimulation
TPS - Trancranial Pulse Stimulation
TPS - Trancranial Pulse Stimulation
TPS - Trancranial Pulse Stimulation

Testimonial of an Alzheimer’s patient on treatment with TPS® in the Dr Baltin Clinic

»I have found my way back to myself again.«

The back story: A.C. is a 68-year-old Dutchman who has worked in the art world as an academic graphic designer and photographer, working for or with museums, galleries and artists. Before his Alzheimer’s dementia, he was extremely athletic (among other things, the student basketball team he played on won the Dutch national championship), worldly and adventurous and, as his long-term partner says, a real daredevil.

TPS – the new therapy for Alzheimer’s DiseaseAt the age of 65 – at this time A.C. is still fully active and busy in many ways – there are increasing signs that something is wrong. It begins with vague physical complaints, exhaustion, dejection, occasional problems with work, presumed negligence and signs of forgetfulness. Additionally, his personality becomes more and more withdrawn. A.C. and his partner B.W. initially look elsewhere for the cause: Could it be due to overwork, perhaps a metabolic disorder or a previously unrecognised disease? The two see several doctors and therapists until they receive the diagnosis of »Alzheimer’s dementia« in May 2019. A.C.’s CDR (Clinical Dementia Rating, a numerical scale to quantify the severity of dementia symptoms) is 0.5, which initially corresponds to mild dementia.

First a significant domestic accident, then the diagnosis of »Alzheimer’s dementia«

Shortly before A.C. receives the diagnosis, he suffers a concussion. Since the MRI of the brain performed only a few days earlier as part of the Alzheimer’s screening revealed a lesion of unknown type – possibly metastases – another brain scan is carried out. Fortunately, the suspicion that it is cancer is not confirmed. However, the scan reveals that a large subdural haematoma developed with the concussion. About two months later, due to loss of neurological function – A.C. has fallen in the bath – the haematoma is operated on and suctioned out under general anaesthesia. But the operation only has limited success. Three months later, A.C. again suffers loss of neurological function, and the new examination shows that the haematoma is still present. Once again, the haematoma is suctioned out with drains. It is not until much later that a medical doctor raises the question of whether – and to what extent – the haematoma or concussion contributed to the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia. Of course, there is no definitive answer to this, but a connection is suspected, because A.C.’s general condition with regard to his dementia is continuously deteriorating.

A.C. and B.W. are free spirits and fighters. Things cannot and should not go on like this! In the spring of 2021, a foreign friend tells B.W. about Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS®) with NEUROLITH®. After extensive counselling, the two go to Dr Baltin in Aschau am Chiemsee in Bavaria at the beginning of April and rent a holiday flat. A.C. is treated with TPS®. Admittedly, this is a tightrope walk, because A.C. only scores 14 points in an MMS test carried out shortly beforehand, and the TPS® is actually only indicated from a score of 16. But the long drive – after all, they are already here – and a courageous Dr Baltin help make the decision to do the TPS® anyway! And lo and behold, the first changes become apparent during the treatment. Like everywhere else this spring, the weather is cold and unpleasant, constantly raining and snowing. Nevertheless, A.C. wants to go for a walk every day and enjoys the picturesque landscape. The artist in him absorbs the light and colours. He feels extremely comfortable in the clinic, and he and the art lover Dr Baltin get along very well.

A journey home with the first eye-opening experiences

On the way back to Holland, A.C. and B.W. stop to see relatives in Germany as they did on their outbound trip. At lunch, the relatives are very surprised: A.C., who had meanwhile become very reserved and passive due to his illness, actively participates in the conversation with the relatives, in contrast to two weeks before. Of his own accord, he returns to topics that had been discussed a quarter of an hour earlier, and he is cheerful, approachable and interested.

Transcranial Pulse Stimulation for Treating Alzheimer’sAt home in Holland, too, changes are taking place slowly but steadily: A.C., who at times did not even want to pick up a screwdriver, now occasionally attempts to do small repairs around the house. He deals with the maintenance and care of his beloved vintage car, wants to play basketball on a team again as soon as Covid restrictions have eased, and his former dejection and reclusiveness are receding more and more. The personality of the »old« A.C. before his illness is returning to the fore.

A.C. himself puts it this way in a conversation with the staff at Dr Baltin’s clinic: »I feel more present again, no longer so distant and passive. I am more mobile and simply more animated. I’m alive again.« And his partner adds: »A. was never a morning person, but these days he gets up much earlier, more easily and more motivated. He remembers things that happened yesterday or the day before, for example. This was no longer the case before the therapy. His »spirit« – that is, his spiritual energy – has returned. And another important consideration in the 31 years of our relationship is that, despite having always had a wonderful love life together, the illness saw A. withdraw physically. Now sex has returned to our lives and that’s all part of a fulfilling partnership after all – yes, please write that down exactly like that!«

And the conclusion of the TPS® therapy?

A.C. says in the interview: »I’m alive again, I’m back. The TPS® has turned back the clock and allows me to live a life with more joy and self-determination, and most importantly, to live life with my girlfriend and not just be a sad appendage.«

A.C. and B.W. went to Dr Baltin’s clinic in Aschau again in May 2021 for a refresher treatment. They will continue to do regular refresher treatments, but not until after their holiday to Provence in July. The artist A.C. will be able to enjoy the stay twice as much.

And just to add a final comment, A.C. and B.W. are so impressed with TPS® that they want to make it easier for other patients to access this therapy. To that end, they are already approaching clinics and doctors in Holland about the new treatment option.

The team at Dr Baltin’s clinic looks forward to seeing them again!

TPS® – Transcranial Pulse Stimulation
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